ARRIVAL:   The Primary (PreK-1) school day begins at 8:30.  The Elementary (2-6) will begin at 8:35.  The front doors do not open until 8:15.  Students will enter the building and go straight to their classrooms, where breakfast will be provided for them.   If you need to come inside the building (with a tardy child, for example), please park in a designated parking space.  Please use caution when driving through the parking lot and watch for children.  Do NOT drop off your child anywhere on either campus other than the designated drop off points. Do not drop off students at the street or anywhere that would cause them to have to cross the street to reach the building. 
ATTENDANCE:    The Attendance Act requires that all children must attend some type of day school until the age of 18.  Children may not be kept at home except for the following conditions:

                1.  The child’s personal illness 
                2.  Illness of immediate family member  (doctor’s note may be required)
                3.  Extreme weather condition
                4.  Death in the family
                5.  Special religious holidays
                6.  Other circumstances (based on principal’s judgment) 

Students must have a signed, dated note from the parent or guardian stating the reason for the absence. You can also email your teacher or our attendance clerk    A doctor’s note is also acceptable.  This must be done for each absence.  This note must be sent to your child’s teacher.  The office cannot go back earlier than the current grading period to mark an absence as excused UNLESS you have a doctor’s note.  Absences other than for reasons stated above or without a signed, dated note are considered unexcused.  Five unexcused absences will be treated as truancy, and the Murfreesboro Police Department will be notified.  If a student is absent for an extended period of time, parents are strongly encouraged to arrange for schoolwork to be picked up and completed.  A child who does not attend at least ½ day (3 hours 15 minutes) is considered absent.  Additionally, if absences become excessive (even those excused with parent notes), the principal will require doctor’s notes or pursue truancy proceedings.  Routine attendance is essential to academic and personal success!  With the NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND (NCLB)law, each school is evaluated on the number of absences accrued and can be placed on “target” status if absenteeism is determined to be a real issue of concern.  Currently the required percentage of attendance as stated by NCLB is 93%.
TARDIES:  The school day begins at 8:30-P and 8:35-E.  To be considered “on time”, your child should be in the classroom before those times.  If a child arrives in the classroom after that, he/she is considered tardy.  Tardies are reported on the attendance report by the classroom teachers.  Any tardies impact the students’ ability to learn as teaching time is lost.  Early dismissals will be counted as tardies.  Unexcused tardies will be reviewed for potential truancy action.   If your child is tardy, you MUST accompany them inside and sign them in, for safety reasons.
EARLY DISMISSALS:  Please help us provide the best possible learning environment for students.  Anytime there are early dismissals, this causes disruption to the classroom learning time.  Additionally, students miss the summary of the day's learning and final instructions.  Please try to schedule doctor and dentist appointments after school. Students who leave early are considered tardy. If your student must miss school due to an appointment with a doctor or a dentist, please send the doctor or dentist's note to school the next morning with your child.