Primary (Grades PreK-1) students will dismiss at 3:30 and Elementary (Grades 2-6) students will dismiss at 3:35 on a full day schedule and at 12:00 and 12:05, respectively, on a half-day schedule.
Under no circumstances will a child be released to unidentified or unauthorized persons.  We must have a written note in order to change the way a student goes home for the day.  Phone calls will only be taken in an emergency situation.
Parents, please be sure to bring a picture I.D. when you come to school to eat lunch with or dismiss a child. 
We I.D. even if we know you.  Checking I.D.s of every person asking to dismiss a child ensures that no one is allowed to pick up a child whose name is not on the registration card.  Please do not get upset that we ask for I.D.
 We love your children and want to protect them.
Car Riders:
1.  Load and unload children on school property and observe traffic signs and rules.
2.  Students will not be released to cars without the appropriate sign (provided by the teacher) in the window.  Cars without the proper sign will be sent to the front office so that proper I.D. may be checked.  This is for the safety of our students.  Please make sure that grandparents, aunts, etc., know in advance that they will be asked to show ID in the office if they don’t have this sign in their car.  Parents should not walk up in the car rider line to pick up children.
4.  Car riders at the Primary Campus should be dropped off and picked up in the back of the building. 
5.  Car riders at the Elementary Campus may be dropped off in the front of the building or at the 3rd grade wing.  Third and Fourth Grade car riders  will be dismissed from the 3rd grade wing (far left side of the building) and 2nd, 5th, and 6th grade car riders will be dismissed from the 6th grade wing (the wing on Jones Blvd facing the Primary School).  Siblings should all be dismissed with the youngest sibling. 
Bus Riders:
Bus riders are expected to follow the rules and regulations regarding safety and behavior on the bus and at bus stop locations.  See the MCS Student Handbook for specific rules and regulations regarding bus safety and behavior.
Students should exit the building immediately upon dismissal.  The children must proceed directly to the crossing guard.  Primary students are NOT allowed to walk to the Elementary.  They can meet their siblings at the crossing guard. *Students who walk to and from school are subject to disciplinary action for misbehavior. 
Changes in Dismissal
Please send a written note to your child’s teacher if you need to change the way in which your child goes home (changing from bus rider to car rider, for example).  In the event of an emergency, calls to change forms of dismissal must be made prior to 2:30.  Dismissal is a hectic time, particularly in the front office, and last minute changes create difficulty for all parties involved as we run the risk of not getting the message to the child in time.  The last 30 minutes of the day are very hectic and to ensure that all students get home their designated way no student will be dismissed after 3:00 except in an emergency.   At no time during the school day will students be called to the office until the parent is in the office to sign them out.
If the change in dismissal involves changing buses, a note MUST be received in the office prior to 10:00 AM and then faxed to the Department of Transportation for approval.  IF the child does not normally ride a bus and will be riding the bus home with a friend, the parents must come to the office to fill sign the form that will be sent to the Department of Transportation.  This form can be faxed to us as well.