Dress Codes

Kindergarten-6th Grade Dress Code

Because the appearance of our students reflects the quality of our schools, conduct expectations, and student performance, we require students to follow the following dress codes:

  1. Students should wear a solid colored polo-type shirt.  They can be ANY color, but must have a collar.  Shirts can be long or short sleeved, but should have no (or very small) logos.  Girls can also wear polo shirts with rounded “Peter Pan” collars.
  2. Students can also wear a solid colored Oxford cloth button down shirt.  Ties or bowties may be worn with this shirt. All oxfords must be fully buttoned when wearing a tie.
  3. Solid colored sweaters, sweatshirts, and light jackets may be worn over a collared shirt inside the building.  Sweaters or sweatshirts may be button up, zippered, pullover, or hoodie.  Students are not to wear the hoods up.  MNS sweatshirts purchased from the PTO are acceptable as well.   
  4. Solid colored short or long sleeve shirts or turtlenecks may be worn under a collared shirt for warmth.
  5. Bottoms (pants, capris, walking shorts, jumpers, skirts) must be appropriate size and length.  Only khaki/twill material will be allowed.  Bottoms should be navy, khaki, or black.  No denim, fleece, or jersey, and leggings should only be worn with a skirt or jumper (not as pants).
  6. Girls are allowed to wear any color knee socks or tights. Bows and headbands are acceptable as well. 
  7. For safety reasons, students will only be allowed to wear ankle or high top tennis shoes.
  8. Caps, hats, bandannas, or sunglasses may not be worn in the school building except on designated days.
  9. Coats worn to and from school can be any color or appropriate pattern, but must be removed while in the building and not worn around the waist.
  10. No distracting or unsafe accessories.  The staff reserves the right to make decisions about what accessories are distracting or unsafe.
  11. NO wildly colored hair or distracting haircuts (this includes, but is not limited to Mohawks).
  12.  Students may wear a Mitchell-Neilson School t-shirt and uniform pants on Fridays.  Sixth graders may wear a school shirt and blue jeans on Fridays only. 


For safety reasons, ALL students  (K-6) should  wear ankle or high top tennis shoes.

NO clogs, Crocs, or boots, and NO sandals or flip-flops.

Students MAY wear rain boots to and from school, but must change into tennis shoes upon arrival.

Clothes and shoes should fit appropriately and not restrict movement or modesty.   No under-garments should be visible.  The staff reserves the right to call a parent to the school if child’s appearance or attire becomes disruptive, unsafe, or distracting.  Parents, please help us with this dress code as learning can be negatively impacted with distractions at school.