Staying Healthy

                            Handwashing​            Handwashing

The cold and flu season is here.  Recent studies have shown that if children wash their 
hands before eating their attendance will improve by 50% over their normal absence rate for the same time of year.  Frequent hand washing is the most important thing to prevent the spread of germs.  By washing our hands we wash away germs picked up from contaminated surfaces, other people, and from animals.

When should you wash your hands?

• Before eating

• Before, during, and after handling food

• After contact with blood or body fluids

• ALWAYS after using the restroom

• After handling animals

• After sneezing or coughing

• More often when someone in your household is sick

How should you wash your hands?

• Wet hands and apply soap

• Rub hands together vigorously to lather – scrub all surfaces

• Continue for 20 seconds

• Rinse hands well under running water

• Dry using a paper towel or air dryer

• If soap and water are not available, use a non-alcohol based wipe or hand gel

These tips are especially important when you are out in public. Wash your hands

frequently and stay well! We want all students to stay healthy and be at school everyday.