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Dress Code

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2023-24 School year dress code overview

School uniforms will no longer be required at Mitchell-Neilson. Please take time to familiarize yourself with the updated dress code.

The following dress code will be enforced by the faculty/staff. The school reserves the right to notify parents when student’s dress is inappropriate. Parents will be asked to come and get their child or bring appropriate clothes to school for their child.

Children are expected to come to school dressed appropriately. Clothing or accessories that disrupt learning and/or teaching are not considered acceptable dress. All shirts and pants should meet even when engaged in physical activity. When raising hands in the classroom, tummies should be covered.

Sagging pants will not be tolerated. Students may be asked to turn shirts inside out if the shirt is inappropriate.

The following items are considered inappropriate and unacceptable for school dress:

1. Extremely short skirts/shorts/skorts (should be to one’s fingertips when standing straight)

2. Fishnet or see-through shirts

3. All shirts must be at least 2 fingers length across the shoulders

4. Clothing with inappropriate logos, messages, or pictures (alcoholic beverage logos, tobacco logos, profanity, etc.)

5. Tights, leggings, yoga pants (must be worn with a top that is fingertip length or under shorts/dress)

6. Cleats, roller shoes

7. Sagging pants (loose fitting pants must be worn with a belt)

8. Hats or caps when worn in the building

Parents, please help us with dress code as learning can be negatively impacted with distractions at school.

MNS Dress Code Changes